DSCO Rib Rails


DSCO Rib Rails  

360 mm Long (14 1/4 inch) 17 mm wide

Comes with mounting screws and a sticker


Rails or ribs, protect the graphic on the underside of your board from scratches, but most importantly they improve the sliding capability of your skateboard. Whether it be frontside or backside, lipslide or boardslide, rails will add stability, control and smoothness to your slide tricks.

Surfaces that may not slide well can all of sudden feel very slide-able just by slapping some rails on your deck.

Rails also make grabs easier, and  have been around since the 80s. Although they went out of style for most of the 90s and 2000s, skateboard deck rails have made a trendy-yet useful-comeback with the resurgence of old school and wide skateboard deck shapes.

Some skaters prefer a single toe side rail, as you can really get a higher level of control when you slide your board.