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Fringe Acid Melt, available in pops from 7.75" to 9", and an epic shaped 9.25". 100% Canadian Maple, original art by Peter Bennett, aka Drizelinink

Acid Melt


High quality skate hoodies, available in heaps of sizes and colours


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Supporting Aussie Skaters

Fringe Skateboards is a 100% Australian skater owned and run skate brand. Skating since the 80's, and stoked to be able to put back to the scene. We work with Australian artists and designers, to put the best products we can on Aussie shredders!

We love your support

We love seeing you here, and hope you love our products. You can buy here, and we will ship straight to your door. But, if you can, it's even better to hit up you local Skate Shop!

Without the support of core skate shops, skateboarding would consist only of those brands with the money and infrastructure to fulfill giant chain-store orders.

Sure, maybe a smaller brand can pick up the occasional $100,000 preorder from a chain store if it’s already in demand, but it’s difficult to get much demand without some sort of grassroots hype.

The scary end-result of this system would be the winnowing of skate companies to only the brands big enough to have their logos on boards at Zumies and City Beach!

Support your local skate shop!

support the local scene

We created Fringe Skateboards with a few principles in mind. We wanted to build a brand that is inclusive and accessible to all, we love using original art and designs from Australian artists, and we want to support that local scene!

We love people riding our boards, and wearing our gear, and while you can buy it online here, what we really want is for people to be supporting their local skate shop, and getting their Fringe Skateboards gear there.

If your local does not carry our stuff, tell em about us!