Ace Trucks 66 (6.75") Raw Polished

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Ace Trucks 66 (6.75") Raw Polished

Suits boards from 9.12" to 9.62" wide

Axle Width: 9.35"
Hanger Width: 6.75"
Board Fit: 9.12"-9.62"

ACE Trucks was founded in 2007 by Joey Tershay. In cooperation with his business partner Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge, he gathered a lot of know-how about designing and producing skateboard trucks.

The Independent Stage III truck, which was popular for its maneuverability, served as a template for ACE trucks.
The plain, almost minimalistic design of ACE trucks is an eye-catcher. The Baseplate is similar to one from Independent, but only the pivot has been repositioned more to the inside (direction wheelbase).

The characteristic, round hanger provides a lot of material and guarantees durability. In comparison to other skateboard trucks, the ACE trucks hanger stays straight all the way from wheel to wheel and doesn’t taper. Instead, the hanger’s ends are conical around the axle, to provide more space and less friction for the bearings.

ACE trucks are known for their exact steering performance.  ACE trucks come with 86A Bottom and 91A Top Bushings to ensure maximum performance turns.