151 Skateboard Deck 8.125 Burnout

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151 Deck 8.125 Burnout - Premium Skateboard Deck at Fringe Skateboards

Experience the thrill of the ride with the 151 Deck 8.125 Burnout, a top-tier skateboard deck brought to you by the legendary 151 Skateboards. Reviving their mid-90s spirit, 151 Skateboards is back on the scene, delivering some of the finest core skate products available.

The 151 Deck 8.125 Burnout boasts an ample width of 8.125", a length of 32", and a wheelbase of 14.25". This expertly designed skateboard deck brings together stability, control, and durability, perfect for skaters who demand the best from their gear.

At Fringe Skateboards, your local Australian skater-owned skate shop, we're thrilled to offer this outstanding 151 skateboard deck. Our commitment to support local businesses and provide the Australian skate community with exceptional gear is unwavering. With the 151 Deck 8.125 Burnout, you'll experience the perfect blend of performance and style. Hit the streets with confidence, knowing you're riding a deck from one of the best in the business, right here at Fringe Skateboards.


  • Width: 8.125"
  • Length: 32"
  • Wheelbase: 14.25"