Fruity Grip Neon Pink

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Fruity Grip Neon Pink

9" x 33" - Single Sheet

Fruity Grip features the same durability, grip, and feel of leading grip tape competitors with the extra style and flavour you’ve been looking for.

Pink has always been a spectacular contradiction. It’s simultaneously fresh-faced and sophisticated, alien (a 17th-century Chinese word for pink meant “foreign color”) and internal (from our mouths to musculature), and at home in both high and low culture. In Japan, it serves as wistful symbol of the slain samurai; in Korea, it’s interpreted as a sign of trustworthiness.

In the West, pink has shifted from one extreme to the next over the last three centuries.

Eighteenth-century fashion helped to popularize the shade, which was a favorite of the pastel-loving European bourgeoisie. Pink received a fuchsia facelift during the 1960s Pop Art Pop Art “The Pop artists did images that anybody walking down Broadway could recognize in a split second—comics, picnic tables, … Follow movement and a neon-soaked ’90s revival, before settling down as the pale, “post-gender” center of every millennial moodboard. From Renaissance portraits to rose gold iPhones, here’s a brief history of pink in art—and beyond.

Fruity is an Australian company with a huge range of fun colours and designs, great durability and great quality. You can grab a few sheets, mix and match colours and patterns to come up with your very own grippy, artistic creation... Skating is, and always has been about individual expression, and doing things differently, with the crazy range from Fruity, show the world just how creative you can be!