DSCO Skate Wax - Assorted Colours


DSCO Skate Wax

DSCO Bearings is an Australian company dedicated to delivering top-notch products to skateboarders who possess a colourful outlook on life.

Skate in colour.

  • Available in Black, Red and Purple
  • 60mm x 40mm x 20mm
  • Perfect size to stash in your bag or pocket


Skate wax, skateboarding wax, curb wax, ledge lube, they all refer to the same thing: a wax product to prep your skate surface for tricking, sliding, grinding, and boosting traction.

Skateboarding wax is usually made from a paraffin base, and it helps reduce the friction you get when you slide or grind down rails, curbs, and other hard surfaces.

Naturally, slides and grinds create friction, which can slow down the speed of your trajectory, making it more difficult to execute. This is where skate wax comes in.

The wax will fill in tiny cracks and imperfections to smooth out the surface of what you're grinding on, so you can pull off your 50-50s without stopping short.

Whether you're buying your first board or you're getting into tricks for the first time, you're going to need a skate wax that protects your board and keeps it sliding as smoothly as possible.

Just keep in mind that smoother surfaces tend to be more slippery when you apply skate wax, so it's a good idea to test the areas you're skating so you don't make it too slippery


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