How to Measure for a Skateboard

How to Measure for a Skateboard

How to Measure for a Skateboard

Many people contact us at Fringe Skateboards with the following questions, so I compiled a list for you to save everyone time.

1. What are the best beginner skateboards?
2. Could you teach me how to size a skateboard?
3. What are the different sizes of skateboards?
4. What size is a skateboard?

In fact, the list goes on and on. When determining the best skateboard for your needs, many factors must be considered. If you go to your local skate shop, they will gladly custom fit you for a skateboard or longboard, but you won't have that option if you buy online. So let me lay out the fundamentals for you.

Width of Skateboard Deck

Skateboard decks range in width from 6" to more than 10". Let me begin by saying that there are no rules regarding the size of deck you prefer. It is really a matter of personal preference, and it may help to stand on a few of your friends' skateboards to see what size you prefer. However, the ideal skate deck size is dependent on a few factors, including your foot size and skating style. If you have larger feet, size 12 or above, an 8" or larger board will probably be more comfortable for you. I'm a size 13 and fit well on an 8"-10" deck. The other factor is skating style. Skaters who prefer street skating typically ride a narrower deck that allows them to perform better tricks (anywhere from 7.25′′ for smaller feet to 7.75′′ for larger feet), whereas skaters who prefer pool, vert, or transitions typically ride a wider deck that adds stability and confidence at higher speeds (8.25′′ and up is common). Any skateboard between 7.75′′ and 8.25′′ in length is an excellent all-around choice for a wide range of skating styles. Remember, it's all about personal preference; there is no right or wrong answer!

Skateboard Deck Dimensions - Length

The length of your skateboard deck is primarily determined by your riding style. The majority of skateboard decks are 28"-33" in length. The shorter decks, known as minis, are reserved for younger skaters. Aside from that, skate deck length is unimportant unless you want to try longboarding.

Wheelbase of a Skateboard

The wheelbase of a skateboard is the distance between the trucks. This measurement is usually between 13" and 15" and is unimportant for most beginner skateboarders. More advanced skaters may develop a preference as they progress, but the majority of skateboarders rarely notice the minute differences between wheelbases.

Nose and Tail of a Skateboard

The nose and tail of a skateboard are not measured separately, but there is an easy way to tell which is which. The nose of the skateboard is a little wider and does not have as sharp an angle as the tail. The reason for this is that a wider nose gives you a better chance of flipping and guiding the skateboard.

Size Guide for Skateboards

Miniature Skateboard Micro decks are ideal for beginners who are under 6 years old, less than 3'5" tall, and wear a size 3 shoe or less.

Mini Skateboard Deck Width: 7.0" with a deck length of 28" on average
Mini decks are the best skateboards for beginners aged 6 to 8, standing between 3'5" and 4'4" tall, and wearing size 4-6 shoes.

Skateboard of Medium Size Deck width: 7.3"+ with an average deck length of 29" For skaters aged 9 to 12, standing 4'5" to 5'2" tall and wearing size 7-8 shoes.

Decks for Skateboards 7.5"+ with a deck length of 29"+ on average
This skateboard is appropriate for all skaters over the age of 13, who are taller than 5'3" and wear shoe sizes 9 and up. Again, personal preference will play a role here, so use this and all of our skateboard sizing as a general rule.
7.5′′ to 8′′ - Standard deck size for most riders skating the streets or performing more technical tricks wearing a shoe size 11 or less.
9′′ and larger - Best for skateboarding vert, pools, cruising, and kicking it old school. 8.0′′ to 8.75′′ - Average skate deck size for skateboarding pools, drainage ditches, or vert.

We hope this helps you narrow down your options for a new skateboard. Hundreds of new skateboards and skate decks are in stock and ready to ship from Fringe Skateboards. If you have any questions about how to size a skateboard, please send us a message and we will gladly assist you. Fringe Skateboards can assist you in building the best skateboard wheels, skateboard trucks, and skateboard bearings money can buy. We are an independent skateboard brand and shop based in Brisbane, Australia, that ships worldwide.