Fringe Keyring Grip Knife


Keyring Grip Knife

A super convenient little knife to carry on your keys, meaning  you are ready for action....  No more tracking down that pesky stanley....  as long as you don't lose your keys!

Comes with a sticker...cos who doesn't love a sticker


How to grip your board

Step 1

Remove paper backing from grip tape to reveal sticky side. Use the paper backing to cover the rough grip tape side to protect your hands when smoothing the grip tape onto the skateboard.

Step 2

Hold the grip tape over the skateboard, and carefully center it. Let the grip tape sag a little in the middle so the center will stick first. Once the center is stuck, carefully work to the edges from the center out. Use extreme caution here as grip tape is very sticky. Once the grip tape sticks, it’s very hard to remove. If you don’t center it before you stick it, you could end up with an edge with no grip tape. Carefully smooth the grip tape onto the skateboard deck from the center out to remove air bubbles.

Tip: If there are air bubbles in grip tape, pop them with your blade to pop tthem and smooth them out.

Step 3

Use a skate tool, metal file, back of your knife or the metal shaft of a screwdriver to scrape around the edges of the skateboard deck. Do not use your teeth!  You are not trying to rub through to the wood, you want to score it,  leaving a white outline on the grip tape that outlines the edges of the board.

Step 4

To cut away the excess grip tape, hold your blade at a 45-degree angle and cut from the bottom up. Starting at the nose or tail, follow the white outline and run the blade around the edge of the skateboard deck to remove the extra grip tape. Remember to keep your fingers and any other soft bits out of the way!

Step 5

To smooth out the rough edges, run a metal file around the edges of the skateboard, or use the offcuts like sandpaper to do the same.

Step 6

Poke holes through the grip tape where the skateboard trucks will be mounted, using your blade, ot a screwdriver.