Flat Bar Adjustable Grind Rail - Round


Flat Bar Round Grind Rail - 2m Long with Adjustable Height 

Made in Australia, this galvanised rail is ideal for use in your garage or yard, or chuck it in your car so you can rip wherever you go.  Available in square or round, you can pick the rail type that best suits your skating, or grab one of each!  The rail is a huge 2mtrs long, so is perfect for all kinds or rail tricks.  The legs are adjustable, from 25cm up to 35cm, so you can raise it as you progress.  With the legs folded, it makes the rail easy to store, or transport.

  • Made in Australia
  • 200cm long
  • Adjustable legs -  25cm to 35cm
  • Fully galvanised ERW steel


 The age old Question - round or square?

 Skate rails or grind bare are something to slide and grind on. In the old days, rails were screwed to the bottom of your board, and we slid ledges, but whatever...  Slides and grinds have been a part of skating since forever, and having solid, portable rail is a fantastic option that is available to all skaters. 

With adjustable legs, you can start at a height that is easy to get on to, and work your way up.  Rails are versatile. If you have a flat area and a skateboard rail, you have a lot of trick possibilities.

A common question with rails, is whether round or square rails are better.  There is no straight answer, each skater will have a preference.  Some people find that square or rectangular rails provide a stable place for the trucks to lock onto and a great surface for slides.  Since it is flat on top you can feel a stable balance between both endpoints when grinding. 

Round rails more closely mimic coping, and some people would say its a more advanced skateboard rail. The round shape can be tougher to balance on. You need to land right on top and not tip from side to side when skating these although once you find the sweet spot they are very stable to grind. 

Whether round or square, owning your own rail will definitely improve your skating.  If you have dreams of sliding a big handrail, learning the basics on your own flat bar is the best place to start.  Really, every skater should have one in their garage or car.