Eternal Skateboards - Immortal


Eternal Skateboards 

Eternal Skateboards have around since 1992 when they started up in Canada. Eventually the company moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia where they now call home.

They currently back a talented team of Aussie shredders and produce a solid line of decks, wheels and clothing.

The Eternal range of pro level decks are made from hard rock maple, giving a super high quality, strong board, with great pop and cool graphics.


The Immortal range was inspired by various expressions of ancient storytelling and symbolism. Specifically, the peacock and the vase.  It takes a complex pattern and cool combination of colours, to create a graphic that is both simple and interesting 




a drawing of a person

logoa person sitting on a bench

Fringe Skateboards is stoked to be able to offer the Eternal range to Australian skaters.  We are an independent, skater owned skate shop and brand.  The support of our customers and suppliers means the world to us.  Support local independent Australian Skate Shops!